Contract Opportunity for Psychologist, Manitoba Government Procurement

By January 11, 2017Employment, Mailings
The following is a paid advertisement. The Manitoba Psychological Society does not necessarily endorse any service or educational opportunity advertised.

The Manitoba Government is currently advertising a tender opportunity on MERX, an electronic tendering service, which may be of interest to your members.

The “associated components” of the tender document are available from MERX to be considered as a valid bid.


Request for Standing Offers (RFSO): Psychological Services for clients of the Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision program (IRCS) within Youth Probation Service.

Manitoba Solicitation #: 04P0024629
MERX Opportunity #: MB-MBPB-04P-00001
Issue Date: January 10, 2017
Closing Date & Time: February 22, 2017 12:00.00 Noon (Central Standard Time)

This notification is provided as a
temporary courtesy for this opportunity only and is not an indication of prequalification: interested parties must review the RFSO document to determine if they have the necessary qualifications. Stand-alone CVs will NOT be accepted, download the RFSO from MERX for full details of Proposal submission requirements. Vendors are responsible to regularly monitor MERX for tenders that may be advertised by Manitoba and must not rely on advance notice for any future solicitations.

If you require additional information on MERX, you may contact them directly at 1-800-964-6379 or at

Wendy Bonnie