Running a private practice in psychology is not just about offering excellent clinical or consultative services – it’s also about running a profitable business. MPS is pleased to offer this 3-part workshop on how to build (or revitalize) your practice with purpose and passion.

Dates: April 10, April 24 and May 8, 2014
Time: 12:15 to 1:15 p.m.
Cost: $150 for MPS members; $200 for non-members; $50 for student members
Format: Teleseminar. Attendees will participate in the live, interactive training from the comfort of their own offices.

Presenter: Dr. Moira Somers, C. Psych., Business of Practice Director for Manitoba Psychological Society, and founder of Money, Mind and Meaning

Session 1: Developing a Business Mindset

Private practitioners need to be prepared to take on some very diverse roles. Among those roles are healer, visionary, and manager. Psychologist training is usually focused entirely on the former, greatly neglecting the development of creative and entrepreneurial skills required for a thriving private practice.

This session will help you set the stage for financial and personal flourishing in the running of your business. You will be given a self-inventory to identify strengths and weaknesses of direct import to clinical practice. Challenge yourself to step up your game!

Session 2: Finding Your ‘Just-Right’ Clients

Humbly waiting to receive referrals, or shamelessly self-promoting? Neither of these stances really serves you or the world. Intentional entrepreneurship requires that you meld your desire to serve with a marketing strategy to attract and retain your ideal clients.

Among the topics to be covered are: to-niche-or-not-to-niche (general versus specialized clinical practice); ethically approved marketing strategies; the power of ‘synchronicity’ in choosing your direction and keeping yourself energized.

Session 3: Charging, Earning, Giving – The Challenge of Profit

People involved in the healing arts often struggle mightily with the need to charge for their work. Underearning, burnout, and ethical slip-ups often ensue as a result of a failure to reconcile service and profit.

Topics to be covered will include: uncovering your money scripts; how to discuss and collect fees; pros and cons of pro bono work; staying on the good side of Canada Revenue Agency.

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