Call for participants for a research study on Buddhism and Psychotherapists

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The Buddhist concept of mindfulness has been adopted as one of the psychotherapeutic interventions to help to address psychological distress and alleviate suffering. However, some existing literature argues that the western adapted mindfulness-based psychotherapies and the meaning and practice of mindfulness have deviated from the original Buddhist teaching. It is recommended in the existing literature for psychotherapists to understand Buddhist teachings and be active in the practice of Buddhism should they wish to integrate the concept of mindfulness into their clinical service efficiently. There is a knowledge gap in exploring the lived experiences of the Buddhist psychotherapists in practicing Buddhism and integrating the Buddhism concepts in their practices.

The current study aims to speak with Buddhists about their lived experience of integrating their Buddhist practice in their therapeutic practice and professional development. I am looking for participants to take part in a semi-structured interview to explore their experiences of integrating their Buddhist practice into their therapeutic works. This research is being supervised by Dr. Asa-Sophia Maglio, Ph.D., RCC. This study has received ethics approval from Adler University (Vancouver Campus) Research Ethics Board.