Job Details:

  • 4-6 hours per week, including weekly meetings with the MPS Director of Communications.
  • Extensive training will be included, and due to this we are asking for a minimum 1 year commitment. This training will be provided a Squarely Social, a social media consulting company, to give you the knowledge you need to succeed in the role. 
  • Must be a graduate student, preferably in a clinical psychology graduate program.
  • Pay is $25/hour
  • Start date: June 27 2022; must be available for training the week of July 18 2022


  • Content planning – In collaboration with the MPS Director of Communications, you will plan content for three main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). This will typically be done a few weeks in advance by conducting planning sessions and using shared calendars of mental health and social justice awareness days, weeks, or months. 
  • Writing and editing – Write and edit content using the MPS brand voice and tone brief. 
  • Social media monitoring and measurement – Monitor social media channels, respond to messages and use measurement tools to track and assess trends, develop insights and share with the MPS team.
  • Managing issues – Identify and coordinate responses to issues that arise.
  • Relationship building – You will help connect the MPS Board of directors, MPS members and the general public with the content you help create and share. 

Key skills: 

  • Knowledable about mental health and social justice issues, as well as opportunities for advocacy.
  • Demonstrates a genuine passion for advocacy and has the ability to share this passion with others over social media. 
  • Ability to translate complex social/political issues, scientific information, and other nuanced information into engaging social media content.
  • Can respond to comments and questions by community members in a thoughtful and sensitive way using approved messaging.
  • Highly organized and efficient.
  • Comfortable with technology platforms and devices.
  • Confident experimenting with new technologies and willing to teach others.
  • Ability to navigate complex challenges and solve problems independently when appropriate, while also knowing when to seek support.

About MPS:

  • The Manitoba Psychological Society (MPS) is a non-profit organization of Manitoba psychologists founded in 1966. Its purpose is to further the use of psychology, as a science and profession, in the service of human health, welfare, and quality of life.
  • MPS advocates for the use of psychological knowledge in the formulation of public policy and in the implementation of services for the public in addition to promoting the advancement of psychological education, research, and training.

How to apply:

  • Please submit your CV and cover letter to Dr. Julia Riddell, MPS Communications Director, at
  • Closing date: May 27 2022. 
  • Interviews will be scheduled for June 6 to June 8 2022.