Fall Workshop 2019

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) for complex cases

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites
1800 Wellington Ave.

Colleen Carney, Ph.D.


Colleen E. Carney, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Ryerson University and the Director of the Sleep and Depression Laboratory.  She is one of leading experts in the treatment of insomnia, particularly in the context of co-occurring illness.  She has over 100 publications on the topic of insomnia, including the only Cognitive Behaviour Therapy workbook written expressly for comorbid insomnias. Dr. Carney was recently the featured guest on Netflix’s A User’s Guide to Cheating Death (Episode 1, Season 2). Dr. Carney is a passionate advocate for improving access to effective treatment, particularly for those with comorbid illness.


CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) is a relatively straightforward treatment to deliver, but providing this treatment with complex cases, particularly those with comorbid mental health conditions can be a challenge.  It is important to have a solid background in assessment, how the sleep regulatory systems work, the causal factors for chronic insomnia, and the relative evidence for each technique, in order to deliver this treatment effectively and with confidence. This workshop will teach you to integrate CBT into non-sleep specialty settings, and how to deliver this treatment with flexibility and adaptation when necessary.

Learning Objectives

i.  Learn key competencies for sleep assessment in non-sleep specialty settings
ii.  Identify behaviours that interfere with the build-up of deep sleep drive
iii.  Restore deep sleep drive with time-in-bed restriction, then expansion
iv.  Identify behaviours that cause circadian dysregulation
v.  Teach clients to calculate their optimal time-in-bed window
vi.  Learn fatigue management and counterarousal strategies
vii.  Learn cognitive strategies for testing beliefs
viii. Troubleshoot common sticking points in those with comorbid illness
ix.  Discuss whether CBT-I is compatible with approved sleep medication use

Course Schedule

8:30-9:00           Registration
9:00-10:30         Assessment
10:30-10:45        Break
10:45-12:00        Stimulus Control and Scheduling
12:00-1:00          Lunch
1:00-2:30             Finishing up CBT-I: Counterarousal, Cognitive Therapy, Relapse Prevention
2:30-2:45             Break
2:45-4:30             Implementation issues in those with pain, depression, anxiety and trauma

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$ 225

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