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February 2014

Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance

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A program for the Profession by the Profession.

We are pleased to announce that members of the provincial/territorial associations and CPA have access to the liability insurance program, brokered by BMS Group Inc.

The Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance Program offers a full range of coverage specifically designed to meet your practice risk needs. Coverage options include protection for professional liability, commercial general liability and clinic-related exposures. BMS brings a member-centric perspective to the design and delivery of the psychology insurance program, including significant immediate and long-term benefits to policy holders.

Click here for a summary of the new program:

Click here for details on the new liability insurance program:

First Ever MPS Art Event (March 24)

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As part of the MPS
Annual General Conference

Monday, March 24
Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre

(1808 Wellington Ave.)


It is our intention to put on display, for purchase, fine art made and contributed by our members.

Those attending the AGC can purchase tickets for that art.  The tickets will be drawn and the art provided in a specific order; one ticket one article. Money raised in this manner will be set aside to exclusively provide student awards.

Science, Practice and now Art!  We know that many of you are as equally adept at artistic expression, as you are in science and professional practice. Now, you have a chance to put that skill on display and for the benefit of aspiring psychology students. Your donated works will be awarded to those who have purchased tickets during the annual general conference and drawn at the annual general meeting.

Contact me for more information and to let me know if you have a piece you wish to donate: e-mail   Tickets will be sold at the Annual General Conference, priced at $10 per ticket.

Dr. Len Greenwood
MPS Board Member

Nominate a Champion for Mental Health

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The Canadian Alliance of Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) is accepting nominations for its annual Champions Awards. These are awards to recognize the work of individuals and communities who have advanced the cause of mental health. There are number of award categories at the individual and community levels, inclusive of research. Psychologist Dr. Marty Antony was awarded Champion in the research category in 2011.

The deadline for 2014 nominations is February 28, 2014.

To make a nomination or for more information, click below.

Nominate a Champion!

CPA presents “Psychology Speaks”

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The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) has launched a new initiative called Psychology Speaks. Through this initiative, we want to bring the good work of psychological science and practice to the Canadian public. We want to be able to offer specific examples of the kinds of research psychologists do and what kinds of skills they bring to health, school, the workplace and the any number of settings in which psychologists do applied work.

CPA is inviting members and affiliates who are researchers and practitioners across Canada to submit a description of the work you do, up to a maximum of 400 words. Submissions will be posted on CPA’s website and will be used to develop a variety of advocacy and public-awareness materials, which CPA will use with partner organizations, funders and the public, to promote what psychologists do.

*Note: There is currently no deadline for this project, as we plan to create several videos in 2014 and again in 2015.

Parlons psychologie 

La Société canadienne de psychologie (SCP) a lancé une nouvelle initiative appelée Parlons psychologie. Dans le cadre de cette initiative, nous voulons faire connaître au public canadien le bon travail qui s’effectue en science et en pratique de la psychologie. Dans un même temps, nous voulons être en mesure de donner des exemples précis du genre de recherche qu’effectuent les psychologues et les compétences qu’ils apportent dans les secteurs de la santé, de l’éducation et du travail ainsi que tous les autres domaines où leur travail est en demande.
La SCP invite les membres et les affiliés qui sont chercheurs ou praticiens partout au Canada à soumettre une description d’au plus 400 mots de leur travail.

Ces articles seront publiés sur le site Web de la SCP et serviront de base à l’élaboration de divers documents de représentation ou de sensibilisation du public. La SCP les utilisera avec les organismes partenaires auprès des bailleurs de fonds et du public dans le but de promouvoir les activités des psychologues.