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Manitoba Psychological Society Position Statement on the Impacts of War

By June 10, 2022February 1st, 2024Position Statement

War in many countries around the world is having and will continue to have adverse mental health effects on individuals and communities. The board members of the Manitoba Psychological Society would like members of the affected communities to know that we are thinking of all of you. We stand with those who are directly exposed to armed conflict, those displaced from their homes and countries, those providing care and protection to civilians, friends and family members, and the diaspora around the globe who continue to struggle for safety, peace, and human rights.  

Military aggression brings no benefit to humanity but exacts tremendous human costs. These costs are immediate in the loss of life, and long term in the psychological, social, economic, and environmental impacts on people, families and societies. This is an action in which nobody wins. We stand in solidarity with those who are committed to living in peace, with respect for the dignity of all the world’s peoples.

The MPS supports the care of all immigrants, refugees, and displaced persons with dignity and respect, and strongly advocates for the provision of evidence-based and culturally-competent mental health support for those affected through early interventions to mitigate the distress and the treatment of mental health conditions that may arise.