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Training Opportunity

The following is a paid advertisement. The Manitoba Psychological Society does not necessarily endorse any service or educational opportunity advertised.

Grove Centre Upcoming Trainings

Sponsored by Grove Centre for Child and Family Therapy in Burnaby, BC

Presented in person by Christopher Conley, MA, RCC, RMFT, CPT-S, RPT-S

Intensive Child-Centered Play Therapy (August 2023)

Child-Centered Play Therapy, a prominent model of play therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention for children ages 3-12 and older. It is an approach that helps children express feelings, resolve presenting issues, heal trauma, develop emotional regulation and problem-solving skills, and enhance self-esteem. Play serves important child developmental purposes and represents the child’s attempt to organize and integrate their experiences. Play has deep meaning to a child’s internal world and it is the process of externalizing these images through play witnessed by a skilled therapist who is fully present that growth and healing occur. 

Intensive Filial Therapy Training (August 2023)

Filial Therapy is a highly effective, relatively short-term, evidence-based approach that is cost-effective in facilitating positive and long-lasting child and family change. Therapists learn how to train and supervise parents as they conduct special child-centered play sessions with their own children (ages 3-12+). The Intensive Filial Therapy Training Program developed by Dr. Risë VanFleet features the work of Filial Therapy originators, Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney. Christopher is a Certified Filial Therapy Instructor. 

Low participant-to-instructor ratio, experiential with direct observation and feedback from instructor. The intensive trainings are specifically designed so that participants can confidently and competently start using it with their clients upon completion of the training.

Grove Centre Trainings Being Developed

Advanced Topics in Play Therapy: Themes and Resistance

Family Theory, Family Systems & Family Therapy for Child and Adolescent Therapists

Effective Relational Strategic Classroom Management for Child and Adolescent Therapists

Sponsored Trainings Being Planned  

Theraplay Level 1, Presented by Theraplay Canada Instructor

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Level 1, Presented by Hannah Sun-Reid

Go to for information, flyers, registration forms and contact form. Please contact Grove Centre to be put on the distribution list to be notified of future trainings.

Grove Centre… dedicated to sponsoring 3- and 4-day intensive trainings with a low participant-to-instructor ratio and significant experiential role-play practice.