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We are a group of mental health professionals, and are looking to add a partner to our Clinical Psychology team.  If you are a Senior Registered Clinical Psychologist and are interested in maintaining a full-time practice while also taking on a partnership and managerial role within the clinic, we can provide you with that opportunity. We have a full staff of clinicians, an administrative assistant, and over three decades of a consistent referral source and client base. If you are looking for more of a part-time commitment and want an ongoing referral base, or space to operate your practice, we could negotiate different types of working relationships.  Salary would be commensurate with training and experience.  If you are would like more information about our Clinic, go to  Please feel free to call Mind Matters Clinic at (204) 477-8555 and speak to either Dr. Cathy Moser or Dr. Jay Greenfeld if you have any questions.  You may fax your CV and cover letter to (204) 487-4248 or email to: