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Mastering Tele-Assessment

The world has changed and with it, the practice of psychology. In this two-day, face-to-face workshop, participants will receive an in-depth theoretical, ethical, legal, and practical review of performing psycho-educational assessments in online environments.

Learn how to assess children and adults virtually (16 CE Credits).

  • Understand the background, evidence, challenges, and debates related to online psycho-educational assessment. 
  • Explore the ethical, legal, cultural, and psychometric issues involved in online psycho-educational assessment. 
  • Know how to navigate cross-jurisdictional situations when conducting online psycho-educational assessment. 
  • Learn how to select, administer, and manage online psycho-educational assessment tools and procedures. 
  • Discover how to analyze, interpret, and report online psycho-educational assessment results, including limitations. 
  • Discuss the implications of online psycho-educational assessment for complex clients.